What's a Drummer without a girlfriend?








How do you know there's a drummer knocking at your door?


The knock speeds up!



Two women were walking down the road when they heard a voice.  They looked down and saw an ugly frog.  "Kiss me, and I'll turn into a world famous drummer", the frog said.  One of the women immediately reached down, grabbed the frog and put him in her pocket.  "Are you crazy?" her friend asked.  "Of course not", she replied.


"Don't you  know that a talking frog is worth a lot more than a famous drummer!!!!!!!!!"


Thanks Ernie Durawa, Drummer!


Who's the guy who always sits behind the band? 


 The drummer!


Thanks Count Smokula aka Smokey Miles




Stevie Ray Vaughn wakes up in the studio one morning,.............................the door opens...and as Stevie Ray looks up ...in walks Jimi Hendrix.                                         

Hendrix plugs in, and starts tuning up.........the door opens again, and in walks Elvis.  

Stevie Ray goes, "WOW"!   

While Elvis grabs a mike, the door opens again and in walks Jerry Garcia....Jerry plugs in.............

Stevie Ray by now is wide awake saying "Wow, I must be in Rock N' Roll Heaven!!!!!

The door opens again and in walks Karen Carpenter.   Karen sits down at the drums and say's,              


"Hit It Boy's"!




Thanks Chris M.




What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians?





 Thanks Steve Keyser



How many drummers does it take to change a lightbulb?



 One to change it and 99 to stand around and say "I can do that!"



Why'd the drummer show up on time for the gig?


He thought it was rehearsal!



Thanks Phillip J. Varriale


What's the difference between a drummer and a 15" pizza?



The pizza can feed a family of four.


What's the difference between a drummer and a savings bond?



One of them will eventually mature!


How can a drummer tell when the riser's level?


The drool runs down from both sides of his mouth!



Steve Rowland - not a drummer - but I do publish the Airplane/Tuna/Starshp fanzine HOLDING TOGETHER

(You Rock Steve!!!)






not quite drummer but  great anyways category :



What does a stripper do with her asshole before going to work?


She drops him off at band practice!



Thanks Steve York, M.D.




How do you know when a singer is at your door?


They can't find the key and they never know when to come in!

Thanks Scott Cooper, Editor,  Rock Village On Line






Yes but, "The Drummer always gets the girl!"

                          "Joey Covington"                           

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